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Low Income Water Assistance Program + other programs

Anonymous started this conversation

These are just some of the GRANT programs I found doing a quick search - low income water assistance program - I will add more as I have the time. These are direct links to the webpages with the information and contact information. It is up to you to read carefully and apply for the programs. Good Luck!






american water works association 



georgia weatherization 

bellflower, ca 

Hawaii - low income programs 

wisconsin weatherization


texas vehicle repair/replacement assistance program  

New hampshire phone assistance  

philadelphia - various programs 

Tallahassee - various programs


montana  various programs


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Looking for scholarships for college to help a single mother that has four kids, ages 1-13. She just recently obtained a job, after being without a job for over 1 1/2. She completed high school and wants to get a college degree to help support her family. Anyone know any websites are places to look? She lives in Raleigh, NC.

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I need a Raleigh, NC resource to help a family pay for turning their water on. They been without water for 3 months with a parent that has serious medical condition.

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contact the dept of public works

Steve McElroy Director   276-679-1160

Request for Services


explain your situation to them - they may be able to help or direct you to someone who can... Considering the only source of income is disability, there may be a program through social services or a waiver to assist you. 

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hello i was needing help finding out how to get county water hooked up. its for 4 houses,, (house1 my aunt and uncle and 4 kids) house 2 me and my husband, ( house three my father-n-law and his girlfriend and 1 child the last home is my grand mother and grandfather.

in total there are 5 kids under age 15 and 5 disabled adults. every home lives off of ssi and disability and foods stamps. ect.. we are liveing off of one 1000 gallon well we dugg our selves and it goes dries every month. we are in desprate need of help. for the past 3 years we have been buying water in jugs just to cook and take showers.


my husband grandfather and the children are the main reason we are in such need for help... my husband has cystic fibrosis and has medical equipment that uses water and my grandfather has canser and also has medical needs with water, and of course kids need water to bathe and for us to cook with.


it has finally overwelbed us and we will welcome all help offered. please email me at if you have any information. we live in the wise county area in virginia!   thank you.... all the hamiltons

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 in response to Starshine...   I will try it....Thanks...
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I lost my job and now I am receiving final notices for disconnections. Water, light and gas' Who can I contact for assistance?

Walter Washington 240 Seneca Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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Good Evening,  I am PC and I need assistance with my rent for this month.  This is the only month I have been late with my rent.  About three years ago,  my daughter and I were homeless.  My daughter stayed with one of her friends from school and I was sleeping in my car.  Now we are together but it is very hard since now I have IRS problems and I have to pay 100 dollars every pay period to them.  It is hard for me to pay my rent this month and I need help.  Thank you for your support and God Bless You!

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